Philippines HIV & Support Facilities Map

Updated as of: 01 November 2020

According to the HIV/AIDS & ART Registry of the Philippines, a report by the Department of Health, the country has recorded around 77,625 cases of HIV infection since 1984. From January to March 2020, 2,818 new cases of HIV infection, and 197 deaths were recorded -- that’s almost 32 new HIV infections, and 2 patients dying from AIDS-related illness per day in this year alone. 


This is indeed an alarming rate, and yet this only accounts for confirmed cases, and those that were reported to the DOH; Hundreds, maybe thousands more, go undiagnosed and unreported. 


Some of the factors that compound the HIV pandemic in the Philippines, are lack of sex education, a culture that stigmatizes people living with HIV, low condom usage among sexually-active individuals, and difficulty in finding and accessing testing, treatment, and support services. 


The DOH, as well as several non-profit organizations across the regions, have mobilized their resources to help curb HIV infections, through ramped up education, testing and treatment. Several government and private facilities have been set up all over the country offering these services. We think it could become a challenge for any Filipino to find the nearest, or even cheapest, facility. 

MapBeks’ HIV Facilities Map initiative aims to augment the country’s HIV and AIDS program, by creating an up-to-date, validated map consolidating all government and private facilities that offer HIV services, including testing centers, primary health care units, and treatment hubs.



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