Pet Spay & Neuter Clinics Map

Spay and Neuter Information Project PH (SNIP PH) and MapBeks,

created an interactive map of neuter clinics around the Philippines!


This endeavor is extremely important in making "kapon" more accessible to

local pet owners. With a solid source of knowledge on the locations of low-cost

kapon clinics, more pet owners will have access to spaying and neutering.

In turn, will collectively drive down the stray overpopulation problem through

a very important sector in the animal welfare scene: the pet owners.

But we need everyone's help! If you know about any vet clinic with affordable

spay and neuter rates, please add them to our initial list, so we can include

them in our map

Spay/Neuter (Kapon)


Spay (verb) : to remove the ovaries of a female animal
Neuter (verb) : to remove the testicles of a male animal

This is done to help curb the overpopulation of unwanted animals/pets, and to treat/avoid certain diseases.




Do you know any missing facilities or organizations not on the map? Do you want to update existing information? Want to report anything erroneous on the map?