MapBeks full support in TY Rolly mapping Operations

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

As the dawn of November 2020 broke, a super typhoon was headed toward Luzon, the most populous island in the Philippines. Super Typhoon Goni or locally known as TY Rolly slammed the country on November 1, 2020 making first landfall in the Bicol region bringing heavy rains, storm surges, and devastating wind.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Mapping, a collective of mapping enthusiasts, a disaster mapping activation was headed together with MapBeks, Mental Health AWHEREness, MAPA DATOS, UPRI Youth Mappers, and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Philippines (HOT PH). Two main mapping tasks were opened to map out built up areas in the provinces of Quezon, Camarines Norte, and Camarines Sur. Land use mapping is done for emergency response because more areas can be identified through satellite imagery. These areas will also be landmarks for focus when a building footprint task would open later on.

(Click the image to visit the Tasking Manager)

HOT PH and MapBeks lead the supplemental mapathons for newbie mappers while the Philippine Space Agency and FYT promoted the events through social media. Mental Health AWHEREness was able to consolidate and crowdsource a directory of official contacts from various barangays in Regions IV-A, IV-B and V.

A week from the aftermath, the group activated another task, but this time mappers were requested to draw building footprints in selected towns in Albay province. The towns of Oas and Polangui in Albay, and Buhi in Camarines Sur were among the heavily affected by the lahar flows and flooding in the region. OSM building footprints completion among these municipalities are the lowest with 21%, 11%, 1.2%, respectively. The task is currently open for all interested contributors. You may click on the image below to visit the tasking manager.

The Quezon Province Land Use task has been finished and will now undergo validation and data cleaning. Intermediate and expert mappers from OSM will start to check the tasks to see whether mappers were able to accomplish the objective to map out sitios and small communities in the area. The Camarines task though is still open and is at 73%.


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